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NOTE:  This page is to list those businesses and eBay sellers who have gone out of their way to lose my business.  All names and businesses listed here are those who I would recommend NOT doing business with, and why.  This does not mean that you won't have a good transaction or that all business with them should be avoided.  As in using eBay feedback, all comments are subjective and it it up to you to make up your mind when deciding who to deal with and who not to deal with.  **CAVEAT EMPTOR**

- helmethead2, aka wwwmyvintagehelmetscom, aka On Field Productions
This guy sells a ton of full-size helmets and helmet decals on eBay, as well as having an Internet storefront or two.  He is extremely rude and very unpleasant to deal with.  If you win one of his auctions, expect delivery to take up to 8-10 weeks, almost the time left to leave feedback runs out.  If you dare to ask when you can expect delivery, you can expect him to reply rudely (if he even bothers to reply at all), and he will then push back the delivery date even further.  He is VERY quick to leave negative feedback on eBay; take a look through his feedback rating sometime and look at the comments he leaves with anyone who leaves a Neutral or Negative rating for him.  His communication is just terrible.

What probably burns me the most about this clown is that he constantly takes MY graphics, off this website, to use in his business & eBay listings.  Of course he never replies to my demands to stop using my photos & graphics, and eBay could care less.  But it shows a distinct lack of class and integrity.

Recently he has changed his eBay username to wwwmyvintagehelmetscom but still leaves his eBay Store name set to On Field Productions. Same idiot, same lack of service.

None at this time.