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I still get many inquiries into the best method to remove adhesive & other "gunk" from helmets.  For stubborn adhesive residues I prefer 3M Adhesive Remover, available from auto body repair & paint supply shops.  BUT, be careful with this, as it is VERY aggressive and will eat right through any lacquer paints (especially the clear lacquer coats on EVERY Wingo blank minihelmet shell!!).  It will also remove autographs and all inks lickety-split from any surface.  Be very careful with this stuff, and test on a hidden area for compatibility.

For general use, I prefer Goo-Gone.  This works for most of my adhesive removal needs, and is fairly safe to use.  But, as with anything, test on a hidden surface to determine compatibility with your products and to avoid damage.

Another product I've had good luck with is Goof-Off, widely available from most department & hardware stores.