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Shortly after being bitten by the helmet collecting bug, my bank account began to complain.  Yet, I just couldn't bring myself to stop expanding my collection.  Sure, I could stick to minihelmets, but there's just something irresistible about a full-size, authentic game helmet!  So I began researching on how to expand my helmet collection without breaking my wallet.

 I began to buy used football helmets from various sources, and recondition them myself.  It's a fair bit of work, especially if the helmet has been well-used with lots of battle scars.  But, determined to expand my helmet collection at a reduced cost, I pressed on.  I felt that after all I've learned through my various experiences, I'd be happy to pass it along to you.  So follow along below as I recondition one of my relics into a treasure!

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Display Helmet Refurbishing

Step 1
Planning and consideration
Step 2
Reshape and restore
Step 3
Sand and fill
Step 4
Prime the shell
Step 5
Step 6
Color sanding and polishing
Step 7
Final Steps
Helmet Refurbishing FAQs  Helmet Crack Repair
By Bryan Nelson

Other Tips & Tricks

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