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Full-Size Helmet Overview: All-Star
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These pages on full-size helmets are only intended as a general reference, not an in-depth study of full-size helmets.  The main purpose for this reference is to assist the collector in selecting an appropriate full-size helmet to enhance his/her collection.

Allstar Youth Full-Size Helmets

 Jr Lite Youth Helmet

  • Not Just Another Helmet! All-Star's new Jr. Lite helmet is leading the way with new technology. Finally there is a football helmet that is super easy to size and maintain while offering maximum protection and tremendous value 
  • Impact Liner Technology The ILT system is the leading technology that the Jr Lite is built around. The ILT System uses a molded BASF Expanded Polypropylene liner offering uniform impact protection to the entire head. All-Star's ILT System is a single piece base impact liner with three comfort pads to size the helmet to the player. The ILT System affords the player maximum protection while reducing the weight of the helmet 
  • Hypoallergenic liner system for uniform impact protection
  • Liner easily adjusted for size
  • Universal jaw pads
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes 4-point chin strap & facemask of your choice

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Other Football Helmet Overviews: Riddell Schutt Bike Athletic Adams