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Full-Size Helmet Overview: Riddell
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These pages on full-size helmets are only intended as a general reference, not an in-depth study of football helmets.  The main purpose for this reference is to assist the collector in selecting an appropriate full-size football helmet to enhance his/her collection.

Riddell Adult and Youth Full-Size Helmets


Football America - Football Gear & Equipment


  • Variable Size Range air inflation fitting system provides a superior fit to a wide variety of head shapes and sizes.
  • Kra-Lite II Polycarbonate Lexan shell material makes the helmet as light as possible without sacrificing any protective qualities.
  • Tru-Curve protective shell extends into the mandible area and has been computer designed around the head's anatomical center of gravity.
  • New Z-Pad design offers excellent energy attenuation to help reduce the impact of blows to the side of the head, face, or jaw area.
  • Mid Hook-up retention system, with the unique locating notch at the lower edge, provides excellent stability.
  • Tru-Curve Front Pad and rear Occipital Lock work together to offer superior front-to-back fit and stability.
  • New padding and liner design provides ear channels, to make it easier to put on and take off the helmet.
  • Aero-Cell liner design, along with six elliptical top vents, allow air to circulate around the head and enable heat to escape out the top.
  • Isolator Faceguard System, with damping grommets, is designed to reduce jarring to the player from low level impacts to the faceguard.
  • All padding components stay firmly in place with Riddell's push-in plugs, valve retainers and corrosion-free stainless steel hardware.
  • Built-in faceguard t-nut wrench, a standard on Riddell helmets, allows for quick removal, if necessary.
  • Available in a wide variety of helmet and facemask colors.
  • Five-year shell warranty
  • Meets NOCSAE standard

Revolution Adult Helmet

New for 2002


VSR-4 Adult Helmet

Riddell's top selling helmet at the Pro, College, and High School level. The VSR-4 helmet features an exclusive Kra-Lite II Polycarbonate Lexan Shell

  • Extra-wide geometrically shaped air chambers for optimal fit
  • Two outside inflation points: Back-neck-side & Crown
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Front face mask straps in place
  • Push-in air helmet valve retainer allows replacement of valve without replacing the liners
  • Exclusive Kra-Lite II polycarbonate Lexan shell
  • Five year shell warranty
A:   Externally inflatable and replaceable crown pad

B:   Dual density foam fitting/energy system

C:   Externally inflatable, removable and replaceable back/neck/side liner

D:   Tru-Curve frontal pad maintains shape and eliminates back-to-front pressure point

E:   Occipital housing lock rear liners grip occipital protrusion to hold helmet off nose

F:   Removable snap-in universal jaw pads

Adult WD-2 Helmet

The WD-2 helmet fits the Pro, College and High School level player - for the player who doesn't want inflation. The WD-1 helmet features and exclusive Kra-Lite II Polycarbonate Lexan Shell 

  • No inflation required
  • Patented Aero-Cell liner system with individually sized liners
  • Padded suspension
  • Low maintenance exclusive
  • No rust stainless steel hardware
  • Five year shell warranty
  • A & C: Aero-Cell liner system provides removable and replaceable individually sized liner
  • B: Dual density foam fitting/energy system
  • D: Tru-Curve frontal pad maintains shape and eliminates back-to-front pressure point
  • E: Removable snap-in universal jaw pads

Youth VSR-2Y Helmet

  • One outside inflation point for back/neck/side
  • Air chambers are designed to provide optimal fit
  • Push-in air valve retainer allows replacement without replacing liners
  • Removable snap-in universal jaw pads
  • Exclusive Cycolac shell

Youth LittlePro Helmet

  • Two shell sizes: Medium and Large
  • One piece removable liner
  • Removable snap-in universal jaw pad
  • Exclusive Cycolac shell
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
  • Extremely lightweight to reduce player fatigue

Adult ProEdge Helmet

Polycarbonate alloy shell. Curved front pad enclosed in a fully pocketed swing down sweatband, for better fit and comfort. Universal snap in vinyl jaw pads (Fit on both right and left snap locations). Multi chambered air suspension system located between the shell and padding system (for fit only) with a single replaceable valve for easy and economical maintenance. A high tech dual density padding system of EVA foam for comfort, fit and energy. Jaw Pads and Chin strap included.
  • Adult helmet for high school, college, and professional use
  • One inflation point at rear of helmet
  • Polycarbonate Lexan shell

This helmet uses a different type of padding I've never seen before on a Riddell helmet, and isn't worth purchasing as a display unit.  You would be better off paying the extra $10 for an actual VSR4.


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