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First off, do NOT display your helmets in direct sunlight, especially white helmets, as this will cause "yellowing" and premature aging of your helmets.  If this happens, you'll probably have to either polish out the yellowing by following my refurbishing technique, or strip the helmet and have it painted.  I don't know of any other way to solve the "yellowing" problem, but if you do, please let me know so I can post it here (with full credit given of course).

For final polishing of the helmet, I still highly recommend either Machine Polish or Novus Plastic Polish (available from auto body & paint supply shops or from commercial plastic supply shops).  Follow the directions listed in the refurbishing section, or use these to add a little bit of luster back to a dull finish.  You can paint over these polishes; they are not waxes!  Waxes contain silicones, which give a "waxy" look to the helmet instead of a high gloss or mirror finish; you cannot paint over waxes either, and waxes may prevent decals from sticking completely (or lifting later).  So avoid waxes and use a Plastic or Machine Polish instead.

Something else to beware of is the ease with which Polishes remove autographs on helmets!  If you have an autograph that you don't want to lose, be VERY careful when applying polish around it.

A product I have come to love is Brillianize plastic cleaner & polisher; this stuff is AWESOME!!  It cleans the plastic surface well, and leaves a gorgeous high-gloss shine on the helmet.  It also works well over decals, and the end result is fabulous!  However, a word of warning: you can't paint over this once applied to a helmet, nor can you apply decals over it!  So paint, polish, apply decals, and then use Brillianize for an awesome result!  A little bit goes a LONG way, too.